Patrol Services

Uniformed security patrol officers are an effective crime deterrent. The consistent presence of patrol services alone can make employees and customers feel safer and protect your investments by reducing the risk of theft, trespassing and vandalism on your property.

U.S. Security and Protective Services is the most experienced provider of mobile patrol security services in Chicago. We provide our officers with best-in-class training to spot anything that appears out of the ordinary.

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Benefits of Patrol Services

At U.S. Security and Protective Services, our special patrol officers in Chicago seek to prevent problems before they become problems. We stress the importance of vigilant attention to detail to ensure our clients receive the highest quality in services, including:

  • Hard check of doors and foot patrol of property
  • Tenant or resident response assistance
  • Burglar/fire alarm response
  • Detection of unsafe conditions, such as water leaks or power outages
  • Immediate alert of local law enforcement, fire and emergency services

Industries that Benefit from Patrol Services

Industrial and Commercial Locations

A security problem can cause irreparable harm to the reputation of your organization or company. Owners of industrial and commercial locations must manage expectations of tenants in order to reduce vacancies, while keeping an eye of cost-effectiveness.

U.S. Security and Protective Services provides customized solutions that combine risk consultation, experienced uniformed patrol services, and state-of-the-art technology to minimize risk for your property and your business.

Parking Garages

An unsecured parking garage can expose employees and customers to vandalism, break-ins and even theft. A parking garage is often easily accessible by foot and by car and sometimes has a variety of entrance and exit points. As a result, not only can unauthorized individuals gain access to people and their vehicles inside the garage, but in some situations, they can also gain access to your business.

To fully secure a parking garage, mobile patrol services are highly effective.

Residential Communities

Everyone wants safety. Property developers and property managers, homeowners associations and, of course, owners, want safety.

Professional security planning minimizes the risk of crime, physical property damage, property value damage, and litigation. Mobile patrol services can help protect any type of property, including:

  • Undeveloped residential property
  • Mid-sized and high-rise condominiums
  • Multiple-dwelling housing units
  • Gated communities
  • Private estates

Residential services also require a unique combination of soft skills. Our professionals are trained to:

  • Welcome residents and visitors in a highly accessible, friendly manner
  • Check in residents, manage visitor lists and visitor access
  • Use software to receive and manage packages

Retail Shopping Centers

Retail shopping centers and malls in Chicago have many moving parts to consider: tenants, employees, shoppers, and even walkers. The security of your shopping center as well as your parking facility is essential to the viability of your brand and your business.
Mobile patrol officers must come equipped with the requisite skill set in order to:

  • Coordinate with local law enforcement in the event of a criminal incident
  • Control crowds during special events
  • Assist in medical emergencies
  • Make people in the facility feel welcome
  • Find lost children
  • Deter theft
  • Patrol parking areas

These unique challenges require a customized security strategy, which you can only get when you work with a security provider with retail security experience.

About U.S. Security and Protective Services

Services Offered

Communication Protocol

  • Email
  • Incident reports
  • Site visits
  • Staff changes
  • Monthly meetings

Streamlined Implementation Process

he goal of our team is to staff your job within 30 days of award. The Transition Team maintains operational control of all deliverables until the Area Manager is selected and trained. To staff jobs with the right patrol officers, we often recruit local law enforcement officers or military reservists for part-time positions when necessary.

Customer Satisfaction

U.S. Security and Protective Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality service, preserving human rights, lives and property. We work in partnership with our clients to address their unique situation.

"My organization engaged U.S. Security and Protective Services to provide security services during our busiest time of the year, when we have several hundred visitors on our premises at a time, and on short notice. Mr. Roldan was thorough and professional in visiting our site, preparing a formal, detailed proposal, and following up as needed."

Joseph S. Chicago, IL

"We have had the pleasure of using this security company since 2013. U.S. Security is very well run from the top down and always ensures that any directive that our company puts in place is followed without any deviation. They ensure the overall safety of the location by performing bag checks, perimeter checks, and cash transport. I consider them to be a valuable asset."

Craig B. Chicago, IL

"U.S. Security has handled crowds ranging from 100 to over 600 guests here at Wandering Tree Estate. U.S. Security's protective details are all professional, polite, accommodating to guests, have a strong work ethic, and provide us with excellent security service."

H. L. Silets North Barrington, IL

"The officers are U.S. Security are always on time, professionally dressed, and stay active throughout their shifts. Management takes ownership and comes by to check up on their staff and ensure that we are getting the service we need."

Geoff W. Warrenville, IL

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