Why Apartment Complexes Should Have a Security Guard Presence

Chicago residents have a 1 in 33 chance of becoming a victim of property crime. The good news is that in 2020, property crime dropped more than 25% when compared to rates in 2019. Theft dropped more than 34% while burglary dropped more than 9%.

While property crime is on the decline in the city, it’s important to remain vigilant, especially for those living in an apartment complex. People want to feel safe and secure. No one wants to live with the constant fear of having their home broken into or their belongings stolen.

Having a security guard presence is one of the best decisions that a complex owner could make. Though an added expense, the benefits and return on investment far outweigh the cost.

Here’s why all apartment complexes in Chicago and throughout the U.S. should have a security guard presence.

Benefits of a Security Guard Presence

Unsure if hiring security guard service is worth the cost? As an apartment complex owner, you’ll find that investing in a uniformed security guard is one of the best decisions you could make.
Here are some of the top advantages of having a security guard presence, especially in a big city like Chicago.

Security services change a property’s value and perception
Many apartment complex owners look at security services as just another monthly expense. And while it does cost money to keep residents safe, having a security guard also elevates the property value.

Security guards change the perception of criminals and your residents. You’ll find that tenants are willing to pay a higher monthly rental fee for a safe environment. By investing in security guard service, you’ll find that:

  • Lease renewals become more frequent
  • Residents are happier because they feel safe
  • Troublesome tenants are less likely to stick around
  • Increased tenant quality

With security services, everyone benefits.

A Security Guard is Trained to Act Should a Threat Arise

In the event of a threat, you can have confidence that the uniformed security guard you’ve hired can handle the situation. Quality guards don’t hesitate to step into emergency situations, with quick thinking and actions to diffuse the situation.

Whether it’s a theft, public dispute, or an attempted break-in, you want a security officer that you can trust to manage any situation that may arise.

You will also want a guard that can work with you to strategize the best surveillance approach for your complex. Your property has its own risk factors and layout, so security needs must be custom-tailored.

Security Guards Deter Crimes Before They Happen

Hiring a security guard is an effective way of deterring crime before it happens. A security guard and other security measures make an apartment complex less susceptible because it isn’t a low-risk target.

Criminals want an easy target, not one that requires having to sneak past a guard before committing theft or burglary.

When hiring apartment security, choose a qualified company that offers uniforms, and patrol cars. You also want a guard that is trained, experienced, and alert.

Efficient and Organized Response to Crime

Security guards are trained and experienced to handle the unexpected. The fact is that a crime can happen at any time, and when it does, you want peace of mind knowing that you have the help needed to protect your residences.

Without any kind of security services, a crime can cause pure chaos. In most instances, the situation is only diffused after police and other emergency responders arrive.

But with an on-site mobile patrol, there’s always someone on-premise that can help to lead an efficient organized response to crime.

Proven Experience and Response to other Emergency Situations

Do you know what to do in the event of an attempted break-in, theft, or burglary? What about if one of your residents is injured or has experienced a heart attack? Chances are that your first course of action would be to dial 911.

But as you know, in a city like Chicago, immediate assistance isn’t always available. The minutes it takes for emergency personnel to arrive can be life-changing.
With an on-site mobile security patrol, there is always someone available to help in the event of a crime or any other emergency situation. Security guards not only know the ins and outs of protecting but may also be trained in:

  • CPR and AED
  • Emergency medical care
  • Medical emergency response

Look at a security guard not simply as someone who stands at the door and watches people enter and exit. A security guard not only protects your apartment complex but the health and wellbeing of residents as well.

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Now that you know the endless benefits of having security services at your apartment complex, you may be looking for a company that you can trust. If you’re an apartment owner in the Chicago area, choose U.S. Security and Protective Services.

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Not only does a security guard serve as a visual criminal deterrent, but we can also help in the event of an emergency. This includes burglary, fire alarm response, or a health emergency.
Don’t go another day without security services at your apartment complex. Your residents deserve it!

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